I’m Not in the Mood.

I just can’t seem to get motivated this week.  Several pieces of furniture have been started, but I just can’t seem to finish them.  I have the inside of a chest painted (it’s really the bottom half of a bookcase/hutch) a really bright yellow.  It’s suppose to be more of a golden yellow….looks nothing like the paper sample!!  Then there’s the two-drawer night stand that is mint green.  I had visions of more of a blue-green, beachy color!  Although, it would look great in a baby’s room!  haha  Then there is the four-drawer chest that has had the top and two of the four drawer fronts pulled off so far.  Maybe tomorrow will be more productive.  As for today……..

Since I’m not in the mood to go to the shed today, I’ll post a picture of one of the projects I did this summer.

After I sewed my bird pillow for my sofa earlier this summer, my daughter decided that I should sew her one too!!  After many, many texts from her asking if I had made her pillow, I finally sat down to try and figure out how to do it.  Once again, I had no pattern to go by, so I used some muslin I had on hand to sew a practice pillow.  Better safe than sorry and mess up her pretty fabric!! ( the colors are more vibrant than the picture shows)  She was very excited with the finished product!!  I was too.

Add tassels? I don’t think so.

I’ve been looking for some pillows to add a punch of color to my sofa and love seat, but haven’t found anything I just can’t live without or want to dish out $$ for.  So two days ago I decided to sew myself a new pillow.  Now, what you have to understand is….I dont’ sew!  I attempt to sew, but I will be the first in line to admit, “I don’t sew”.  I made a short set for my daughter YEARS ago when she was about three.   She loved shorts and pants with pockets (she still does), so I even sewed pockets into the shorts.  I bought a pattern and followed it very closely.  Or so I thought.  As she was modeling her new outfit, she stuck her hands in her pockets and I about fell over.  I had sewed them in backwards!  Instead of her hands going to the front of the shorts, they went to the back around her butt.  She could have cared less.  She wore that that short set time after time.

So once again, I have decided to try my hand at sewing.  I own a nice sewing machine, which I have used a total of once.  Mr. bought it for me for Christmas several years ago and and I made scarves for a craft show.  That was the end of my sewing.  Haven’t had it out of it’s case since.  Until Monday.  My mom and I ventured to the local Hancock’s (which isn’t very local, as we don’t have one in our quaint, little, industrial town that doesn’t have much of anything except an Atwood’s, Tractor Supply & Wal-Mart).  Anyhoo, I found this great scrap of material for only $2.50!   It has the same yellow gold color of my lamp.  I was really excited.  My mom on the other hand thought it was pretty ugly.  At least she’s honest! ;0)  The lady behind the counter told me that I should add some tassels the same color of the bird to it and how great they would look.  I told her, “Yeah, but I don’t sew“.

After digging my sewing machine out of the downstairs hall closet, I set about sewing me a pillow.  It only took me a total of two hours and $10.00 to make this bad boy!   I think it turned out pretty darn good, since I didn’t have a pattern and really had no clue what I was doing.  (Tassels would look good, wouldn’t they?)