The Little Things that Make a Big Difference

I meant to share this post with you a while back as we were getting ready to put our last house on the market. But between finishing the updates, packing, and staging the house, time got away from me. Then the house received a contract within the first 24 hours of being on the market and we had to find a house to buy! And THEN there was theRead More »

We Just Want to Buy a House!

Buying a house starts out exciting, but can get stressful really quick! In this post, we had just received a contract on our house and had gone under contract to buy a house in Bayou Vista, TX. We had inspections on the Bayou Vista house and a huge money pit was revealed!! The sellers didn’t want to negotiate so we walked away. Everything was still good-to-go on the selling of our house so we had to act fast and find another house to buy as we were about to be homeless!!

We met with our realtor a couple of days later and ended up looking at eight different houses! Our realtor knew how desperate we were to find a house that weekend, that she showed us two houses that weren’t even on the market yet! We narrowed it down to three houses, which we named the “Party Deck” house, the “No Doors” house, and the “Preacher House”. The “Party Deck” house had a gangway off the main deck that led to a great party deck over the boat house. The seller of the “No Doors” house had removed all the closet doors and hung curtains in the place of the doors! Does anyone else find this odd?!?! And last but not least was the “Preacher House”; a preacher had recently made an offer on the house but had to back out due to the church wanting him to live on the island.

While at a restaurant later that day, Mr. and I had our own little HGTV moment and wrote down on a napkin all the pros and cons for each house and deliberated about them. We finally decided to go with the “Party Deck” house. But before we could make the offer, we ran into a neighbor of “Party Deck” house and she stated that one of the neighbors of “Party Deck” were big “partiers” and would have huge get-togethers at their house every weekend; with parties sometimes lasting until 4:00 am and the police being called quite often! Scratched that house off the list!! 😦

So on to the next one! The “No Doors” house was a big house with an updated kitchen, and also had a boat house with a party deck, but needed some TLC as it had been sitting on the market for about a year. After going back and forth a couple of times with offers and counteroffers, the seller accepted our final offer. Or so we thought. The next morning, our realtor called to tell us that the seller had decided to rethink the offer and would get back with us. Really?! Who accepts an offer then calls a couple of hours later to say they are rethinking it??

So…we moved forward and decided to make an offer on the “Preacher House”. We didn’t have time to play these games, as we were closing on the sell of our house in just a little over one month! While waiting on a response from the “Preacher House” seller, the “No Doors” seller countered with a price! Our realtor told them that we had already given them our final offer but they asked her to call us anyway. Of course we declined to counter. A short time later, our realtor called to let us know that the “No Doors” seller had decided to go ahead and accept our final offer from the day before. We decided not to to go with “No Doors” and we moved forward with the “Preacher House” and agreed upon a price.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…”Preacher House” has been my favorite all along and am so thrilled about it!! 🙂

What a wild ride these last several weeks have been! Mr. and I are getting so excited about living on the water in just over a week. Here’s a couple of pictures from the “Preacher House” deck that hopefully we will be sitting on very soon!

water view

water view 2

Y’all have a great day!