The Little Things that Make a Big Difference

I meant to share this post with you a while back as we were getting ready to put our last house on the market. But between finishing the updates, packing, and staging the house, time got away from me. Then the house received a contract within the first 24 hours of being on the market and we had to find a house to buy! And THEN there was theRead More »

One Last Look: House Tour

Never, in my wildest dreams, did I think that when we moved into this house that we would be moving again so quickly! We closed on this house on January 11, 2013. Just three short years ago! And boy, does it look different!

I had a huge To-Do List of projects and am happy to say that we were able to finish most of them and also some that weren’t even on the list. So I thought I would share with you one more look at the before and after photos and what all we did to update the house.

Street View

  • removed rocks and flowerbeds from around trees
  • had sod installed around trees
  • removed all the plants from flowerbeds by the house and planted tropical plants


house 34

afterhouse 2


  • painted walls
  • painted cabinets and installed new hardware
  • painted trim and added baseboards
  • painted the backdoor
  • installed beadboard backsplash
  • installed new flooring
  • replaced countertops
  • replaced sink and faucet
  • installed new ceramic stovetop and range hood
  • replaced the oven
  • installed pendant lighting in place of can lights
  • installed a new ceiling fan/light in breakfast area
  • added the kitchen island that we upcycled from a small chest of drawers.


Houston House (10)


house 11

house 13

Dining RoomEntry Way

  • painted walls
  • painted under the chair rail
  • spray painted the existing chandelier (Mr. sprayed painted the fixture and replaced the chain with a silver one)
  • painted the inside of the front door and side panels
  • installed blinds above front door
  • added sun filter film to front door & side light windows


Houston House (6)


house 5


Front door


house 4


Houston House


house 3

Living Room


Living room - before


house 7

house 6

Guest Bathroom




Guest Bath After (7)

Guest Bath After (4)

Master Bedroom/Bath




house 33




house 16

house 17

Laundry Room

  • painted walls
  • removed old cabinets
  • removed metal shelving
  • installed new cabinets
  • installed drying rack
  • installed hooks for broom/mop
  • replaced light


laundry room


house 14


laundry room 2



Upstair Bedrooms 2 & 3

  • painted walls
  • installed a new ceiling fan/light in #2
  • installed new chandelier in #3


Houston House (19)


house 15


Houston House (20)


house 24house 25

Craft Room


Houston House (16)


house 26

Upstairs Bathroom


Houston House (17)


house 27

Office Bedroom 4

  • painted walls
  • removed filthy paper fan from window
  • installed new blinds


Houston House (18)


house 22

Closet under the Staircase

  • painted walls
  • replaced carpet with hardwood floors
  • installed new shelf and bookcase
  • added totes and a bin for storage and hooks for hanging items


Closet Makeover


Closet makeover

What a difference a little paint, new kitchen floors, and countertops make! Mr. and I have learned alot these last three years! We now know we can install ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, and carpet, but couldn’t/wouldn’t do it for a living! I have a new found respect for those that do!!

I’ve enjoyed this house, and especially having the swimming pool, but I’m so excited to begin our next journey in our new house! I’ll be sharing pictures of it very soon!

Y’all have a great day & weekend!!


Change of Plans

We’re moving! Well, we hope to be very soon!

For the last several months, Mr. and I have been talking about buying a vacation home on Galveston Island and renting it out during peak vacation season. But then about two weeks ago, we decided to just jump all in and move to the water full-time! And I am ecstatic! Living in the suburbs of Houston is driving me crazy! 6.6 million people is a huge change from the one stoplight small town of 6.3 thousand people where we lived for 17 years before we started our moves in 2010.

But that means I have to finish all the projects I have going on with the current house. We want to get it on the market as soon as possible, and are thinking the first of December is doable. So I have approximately three weeks to get this place finished, decluttered, and staged! Therefore, a change of plans will need to take place when it comes to all the projects.

I’ve broken everything down into what I hope to get done each week. Yeah, I have to have lists/deadlines or I get distracted and never get anything finished!

Week One: Kitchen/Laundry Room/Dining Room

  • Thankfully, we finished installing the kitchen & laundry room floors in September. I’m bummed that I won’t get to enjoy them for as long as I thought I would, but they have made such an impact to that area!  I hope the next homeowners will love them as much as I do.
  • Install and paint baseboards in the kitchen & laundry room
  • Paint the interior of the backdoor
  • Install trim or cabinet doors where the microwave is
  • Install or paint the chandelier in the dining room

Week Two: Front Bath/Master Bed, Bath & Closet

  • Paint baseboards in the front bath
  • Paint the walls in the master bed/bath/closet

Week Three: Upstairs

  • Touch up paint on one wall in spare bedroom
  • Paint ceiling in the gypsy room
  • Replace faucets in bathroom


I’ll be posting updates as the weeks go by, so be sure and check back!

Y’alll have a great day!


Jessica’s Bathroom Floor Redo (Part 2)

Jessica and Sam are still at it working on their master bathroom. Sam broke out the orbital sander and went to work on the left over plaster.




Jessica said that the dust floated in the air for some time after they were done. You can see in this picture that after 20 minutes there is still a dust halo hanging around. (if possible, keep the room that you are working on completely closed off from the rest of the house. This way you won’t have dust settling all over the house!)



This is what the faucet is suppose to look like! 🙂


There was an inch of “mud” left by the sander, so Jessica used a broom and water to loosen the leftover muck and then a shop vac to get up as much as she could!


Once she removed all the muck and water, it was time for the toilet to come out. Does your wall look like this behind your toilets? I know one of mine does!


What a difference a sander can make!



Y’all have a great weekend! Later gators!

Jessica’s Bathroom Floor Redo (Part 1)

Jessica and Sam are friends of ours who are in the process of DIYing their master bathroom floor. I didn’t know they had started it until I got this text from her last Sunday morning. (don’t look if you are squeamish) Yuck!


That text was followed with this picture and “we have an end goal!”.


They are tearing out the old ceramic tile floor and planning on staining the concrete.

This was her bathroom before the demo started.



And here is what they accomplished the first weekend. (besides visiting the ER!) 🙂




Jessica said that while Sam likes smashing the plaster with a hammer, she likes to use a chisel as much as possible.



 Although she said “some areas just deserve a hammering”!


They used a straight edge to release the tile from the baseboard and then “nudged” it out.


Jessica shared lessons learned:

Clear the counters

Clean often (never know when the kids will “need” you and the project will halt to a stop) They have two little ones!

WEAR gloves at all times – thick leather to be exact (ER doctor said the worst cuts he has seen come from ceramic, tile & glass, i.e. bath reno’s

And when you get to the adhesive removal, wear a breathing mask (that dust is NASTY)!

She said they figure it will be a two month project since we are coming into the holiday season. I’ll have another update in a couple of days so be sure and check back. I love stained concrete and can’t wait to see the finished floors.

Y’all have a great week! Later gators!

Tick Tock, Tick Tock!

That’s right, the clock is ticking on my deadline! If you remember, I gave myself a deadline of May 1st in this post to get the To-Do List done! Well…..that is NOT going to happen! (I’m making a face and rolling my eyes at the computer screen right now). Since that last post (which I can’t believe was six weeks ago), Mr. and I have spent six days in Dallas at a conference, eight days in Oklahoma, and seven days on a cruise for Mr.’s 50th birthday! Sadly tho, also during this time, Mr’s 99 year old grandma passed away. She was a wonderful g’ma and lived a long and wonderful life! She will be missed by all, but we have lots of great memories of her!

Therefore, I have had approximately three out of the past six weeks at home. So one would think I would have lots scratched off the To-Do List. But alas, I don’t! BUT…I do have the upstairs bathroom 99% completed. Well, not 99%, but closer than I was when I started! 🙂 I need to finish painting one side of the door tomorrow and have Mr. hang it and I’ll be finished! Woohoo! At least with Phase 1! The countertops and faucets still need to be changed out. As you can see, the sea shell sinks are still here! And there are two in this bathroom!!

upstairs bathroom 6

The floor is holding up great! I dropped a metal level on it and Mr. knocked over the metal toilet paper holder. No scratches! Yay!

upstairs bathroom 5

If you missed me talking about the linen closet also in this post, I removed the door and I love it!

upstairs bathroom 2

upstairs bathroom 7

We bought this picture in Galveston from a local artist at Galveston’s ArtWalk. The Galveston Art Center hosts it approximately every six to eight weeks. If you’re ever in Galveston on the weekend of the ArtWalk, be sure and attend! For more info:

upstairs bathroom 9

upstairs bathroom 10

Here’s a recap of what’s on that wonderful To-Do List for this bathroom and what I’ll be scratching off at the end of the week!!

  • paint walls
  • replace tiles in tub area and walls (I’m scratching this one off for now, since we’re not replacing – but updating)
  • replace faucet/showerhead in tub
  • replace flooring (Again…just updating for now)
  • install new countertop and sinks (sea shell sinks again! Two of them!!!)
  • replace faucets
  • replace or frame mirror
  • paint cabinet (will keep to save money)
  • change out lights
  • replace hardware
  • take door off linen closet
  • toilet

And in case you forgot what the bathroom looked like when we started, here’s a before and after shot for ya!

Houston House (17)

upstairs bathroom 6

Y’all have a good week! Later gators! 🙂

Is it Spring yet?

Holy cold weather, Batman! Am I the only one that went into hibernation after the first of the year? What a winter, but I think Spring is just around the corner. At least here in Houston it is! Our poor tropical plants really had a hard time this winter with the three rounds of freezing temperatures we had. Almost as much as I had!!! 🙂


via Pinterest

I finally pulled myself out from under the covers this past week and decided to get my butt back in gear! And to do that, I have given myself a deadline to get the To-Do List done by May 1st. Or at least most of it…or maybe just some of it. We had started working on the upstairs bathroom last month…AND I’m still working on it! Let me refresh your memory on this lavender beauty!

Houston House (17)

It took me the entire month of February to paint the cabinet, inside of the linen closet, and the walls! And it’s not a big bathroom. 🙂 It took Mr. no time at all to roll the ceiling for me. He’s a beast when it comes to painting!!

The linen closet sits behind the door of the bathroom, therefore the bathroom door was constantly hitting the linen closet door, making a dent in it. Soooo, I took the linen closet door off and I think it looks so much better with the door gone. Sorry I forgot to take a before picture!

linen closet 2

I painted the walls Sleek Gray and the cabinet, shelves, and all the baseboards/trim an enamel white. I’m hoping to have the wall tile and floor finished by the end of the week. I’m doing what they (the guys at our local Sherwin Williams) say shouldn’t be done. I’m painting my ceramic tile! In the shower/bathtub area! 🙂 My mom did it before in a shower and it held up against the water, so I’m going to give it a whirl. It’s our upstairs guest bathroom, so it gets very little use. I didn’t want to spend big bucks right now on this renovation, but it needed updating terribly! I’ll be sure and let you know how the tile pans out in the long run.

Has anyone else ever painted ceramic tile in a shower/bathtub area? Do you have any tips, products, or words of wisdom that worked for you?

Later gators!

The To-Do List!

Today is moving day! So you know what Mr. and I will be doing. While packing up the last bit of things last night, I started thinking about all the projects I want to do on the house. So far we’ve done some changes in the guest bathroom and kitchen. We still need new countertops, backsplash, crown molding and floors in the kitchen; and a new sink (most definitely) and maybe floors in the guest bathroom. The other rooms downstairs are the living room, dining room, entry way, laundry room, and the master bedroom/bath. I’ll update this post with links as we do these projects.

We don’t have a lot to do in the dining and living rooms. (mostly just paint) The wood floors in these two areas are new, so that’s something we don’t have to worry about. Yay!

Let me apologize right now. This post is long. But I hope you’ll hang in there with me and let me know if you have any advice for us. We’re just a couple of DIY dorksters and it’s all hit and miss with us!! So with that said, here’s a list of what I would like to do: (I’m posting pictures from when the house was on the market when we bought it. That way you can see what we are working with.)

Kitchen / Breakfast Area

I jumped on this room first! See the changes we’ve already done here and here.

  • paint walls
  • paint cabinets and install new hardware
  • paint trim and baseboards
  • install new backsplash
  • install new flooring
  • replace countertops
  • new lighting in kitchen
  • new fan/light in breakfast area

Houston House (9)

Houston House (11)

Dining Room / Entry Way

  • paint under the chair rail (I’m thinking maybe a yellow of some sort)
  • new chandelier (spray painting it – maybe white?)
  • paint the inside of the front door and side panels (only if I can get up the nerve!)
  • change out the entry light (will have to hire this one out, as it hangs from the second floor ceiling)
  • install some type of window treatment above front door

Houston House (6)

Houston House (7)

Houston House (4)

Living Room

  • paint an accent wall or two (thinking about bringing the color from the dining room onto these walls)
  • change out the ceiling fan (haven’t decided if we will replace with another fan or a light/chandelier)

Houston House (8)

Guest Bathroom

As you can see, the walls had to be covered up quickly! Check out what we’ve already completed here.

  • paint walls
  • paint vanity
  • replace countertop
  • replace flooring


Master Bedroom/Bath

These will be the last rooms we do, as they were updated with carpet, tile and paint before the house went on the market. Although we will probably sneak a new ceiling fan/light in there before we’re through with downstairs!

  • paint (thinking a pretty coastal blue)
  • replace flooring (we’re not fans of carpet)
  • change fan/light

Houston House (12)

Houston House (15)

Laundry Room -The realtor didn’t take pictures of the laundry room. So you get to see it in all it’s glorious messiness!

  • paint walls
  • remove old and install new cabinets above w/d
  • remove metal shelving
  • install bar for hanging clothes
  • install floor to ceiling cabinet
  • replace light



Now moving upstairs… This is where all the fun starts again!! There are two bedrooms, game/craft room, bathroom, and Mr.’s office.

Spare bedrooms #1 & #2

  • paint walls (white – I’m going to pull my colors in with accessories and furniture)
  • change ceiling fan/lights
  • paint desk in bedroom #2
  • change hardware on desk


Houston House (19)


This bedroom is tiny and has a tiny desk tucked in the corner. Can’t find a pic and it is covered up with boxes right now. 🙂

Houston House (20)

Game/Craft room

  • paint an accent wall/walls (the wall on the right that isn’t shown extends out over the entry way and I won’t be able to paint it myself)
  • organize…organize…organize

Houston House (16)

Bathroom – This room is just yuck!

  • paint walls (depending on what time of the day it is, these walls either look blue or lavender. Seriously! Not sure what color I want to go with.)
  • replace tiles in tub area and walls (I would like white bead board on the walls, not sure what we’ll put around the tub yet)
  • replace faucet/showerhead in tub
  • replace flooring
  • install new countertop and sinks (sea shell sinks again! Two of them!!!)
  • replace faucets
  • replace or frame mirror
  • paint cabinet (will keep to save money)
  • change out lights
  • replace hardware
  • take door off linen closet
  • toilet (still trying to get the rust stains out. So not sure yet if it will be replaced.)

Houston House (17)

AND last but not least…. Mr.’s office!

We’ve already been able to cross off two items since we moved in.

  • paint walls
  • remove filthy, paper fan in window
  • replace broken blinds
  • decorate & organize

Houston House (18)

So there you have it! Are you still with me? I hope so, and I hope you will come back and check on the progress as we make it room to room.

Have a great weekend!!