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A little peak into our lives when we’re not working on the house.


turtle barn 6
Sea Turtle Facility Tour
sea turtle
Turtle Man to the Rescue
Dead Dress Bear aka My Wedding Dress
Beach Collage
Beach Picture Collage
Hippo Award
The Votes are In!
Wilton Gingerbread House Kit
A Few of my Favorite Things!
Hank Dickensheets!
stray cat
Stray Cat aka?
Battle of the Gnats
The Battle Rages On!
cruise ship 2
Saving Our Five Dollar Bills
Christmas Beach House
And the Winner Is…
Hippo Award
Display the Hippo!
Pineapple Tops + Hot Glue = Failure

Do We Need Both Phones!

Patience…wait…more patience…okay, go!

Life – With Diet Coke in Hand