It’s Who I Am…

Hi! I’m Cari.

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I am a wife, mom, daughter, and baby sister!

I love road trips, cruises, and saltwater!

I paint, write, and diy!

I’m married to my best friend Mark, aka Mr., and mom to our daughter, Whitney. We moved just outside of Houston, Texas in 2012 from Oklahoma and fell in love with Galveston and the ocean. In February of 2016, we downsized from a spacious house which we had updated from the 90’s that had a fabulous backyard and swimming pool, and moved into another fixer-upper that’s on stilts and sits on a canal just off the Galveston Bay. And we couldn’t be happier!

It would be great if you join us as we embark on this new journey of updating our Waterfront Dream and learning to enjoy living salty!

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