Kitchen Reveal

And that, my friends, is how you go about not posting for eight whole months!!

So what have y’all been up to for the last 245 days of this year? We took a few trips, rode out the dirty side of Hurricane Harvey(our first hurricane) south of Houston, and slowly knocked out the kitchen remodel. And here we are today…

kitchen 8

What a big difference from what we started with. Very Big.

In my last post waaaayy back in February, we had just started the demo of the kitchen and staircase walls. A few days later, our kitchen arrived in boxes from IKEA. 258 boxes from IKEA to be exact!

kitchen 11

After it was unloaded into the garage and the delivery guys left, Mr. and I stared at the pile of cardboard and honestly wondered…what have we got ourselves into?! If you’re familiar with IKEA furniture and the assembly, then you totally get what I’m talking about.  But once we assembled one cabinet box, the rest was a breeze. It also helped that we watched ALOT of YouTube videos!

I’ve been asked a few times if we’re happy with our IKEA cabinets and I can genuinely say that we are! If the time comes for us to ever remodel another kitchen, IKEA cabinets will certainly be installed!

This kitchen turned out just like I dreamed it would…bright and spacious! And here’s another look at that before and after…

kitchen 9

If you want to see more pictures and updates as progress is made (and not have to wait another eight months), be sure and follow us on Instagram.


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