Yeah, it’s been over a month again since I last posted! No reason except I’ve become very lazy when it comes to this blog. 😦

If you remember in my last post, we had recently bought a sailboat. Well, not much has happened there! The first day we took it out, the outboard motor locked up.  We were able to sail back to a friend’s slip but then had to be towed to the slip, and she hasn’t moved since. We ordered a new motor which took three weeks to get, got it mounted, only to realize the shop had ordered the wrong motor! So here we are again, waiting on parts to be shipped so that we can go sailing!!

However, in the meantime, we have done quite a bit on the house! We finished the flooring in the third bedroom upstairs and we have started on the kitchen remodel! And here is where we’re at:


You probably don’t remember what it looked like when we moved in a year ago this month (how time flies), so let me refresh your memory on how dim, closed off, and horrible it was.

The first thing we did right after moving in was paint the walls and ceiling. That at least brightened it up some. Then we just kind of put the kitchen on the back burner as the remodel was more than anything we had attempted before and we wanted to think about what we wanted and how we were going to accomplish it. I had been playing around with some free design programs but kept running into walls! (no pun intended) They would either lock-up midway or weren’t user-friendly. I hadn’t ever used one, so I needed it to be very user-friendly!! 🙂

But then I found IKEA’s free online kitchen planner! Yay!! And here’s the design I came up with.



This made us very happy and ready to jump in and start the remodel!! And that’s what we’ve been doing the last two weekends.

This is a shot of right before we started taking out the upper cabinets over the bar.


Nothing but frame left.


We used our trailer jack to brace up the 16 ft long cabinet so Mr. could start cutting it in to smaller pieces. It amazes us how this cabinet never started sagging in the middle.



The 16 ft. long boards were nestled between two walls and were only held up by nails. Once Mr. cut it into sections, he just pulled the boards off the walls! (pay no attention to the grey paint. I had thought about painting the bar area and wall when I painted the other walls but decided not to waste the paint after I had done the cut ins)


And after the cabinet was removed. Already a huge difference!


Once we started removing the partition wall sheetrock, we realized the electrical wasn’t running where we had hoped it would be.(we were hoping it went over the top of the doorway and into the wall going upstairs. Instead it is along the back of the bar cabinets.)  We still have to figure out where to install/move the light switch.


Removing sheetrock…starting to open up!





One more look at where we are today! The plastic on the floor is covering up the nasty subfloor. But that’s another post in itself! Oh, and did you notice where Mr. temporarily put the light switch! 🙂


And since the kitchen will be completely open, we want to open these walls between the living room and the kitchen. They are the staircase walls and are an absolute overkill! I loathe them! We will have to redo them as soon as the kitchen is finished as they have to be completed before we can lay the new flooring.





And then there is this! When we laid new floors in the hallway back in September, we ripped up the carpet which was also on these steps. We haven’t been able to install new treads and risers due to having to wait until we redo the staircase walls! The treads are so nasty that I keep them covered with old towels. Yes…we have had towel-covered steps for five months now!!


So there you have our kitchen-is-a-mess update! Be sure and follow us on Instagram for more updates and pictures!

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