The House Makeover/Remodel Still Isn’t Finished…and Then We Bought a Boat!

Not much has happened on the house since I last blogged…way back in October! The holidays came and went, five pounds were gained and still haven’t left, we laid new flooring in the master bedroom and hallway, and I painted the hallway white to brighten it up.We still have one more bedroom, guest bathroom, and the kitchen area to lay new flooring. Since the holidays, Mr. and I have  said several times that we need to start back on the house but just haven’t ripped up the old carpet. I did do a rough layout of the kitchen area and we even looked at kitchen models at IKEA.

Then we bought this….


We have talked about getting a sailboat for a while now but just never got serious about buying one. But a couple of weeks ago, we were at the Kemah Boardwalk “just looking” at the boats there and decided we needed to pull the trigger and get serious! The next day, we were the new owners of a 1980 Cal 25 named “Island Time”!

And we couldn’t be happier; even tho it does need some work, inside and out. We also have made a promise to each other that we aren’t going to let the house fall to the wayside. I’m hoping to get the last bedroom flooring done very soon and then we can start on the kitchen remodel, which is going to be our biggest project yet, which will include gutting the kitchen AND knocking down a wall!

So stick around, it’s going to get interesting as we renovate a house AND a sailboat! And be sure and follow us on Instagram for more updates and pictures.


Y’all have a great day!

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