The Flooring vs. Mr. and I: Round One

You know the saying “the straw that broke the camel’s back”? Well, this is the project that broke this DIYer’s back! I’m pretty much over the excitement of this project and am looking forward to being done! Finished! Finito!

What has brought this new found blahness for this project? This…flooring-5A bathroom floor!

The previous owners apparently had new ceramic tile laid and it was installed over the old vinyl flooring which was laid on a new piece of plywood that was laid on the old plywood subfloor! SO…we have ceramic tile, thin set, a cement backerboard, vinyl flooring, glue, and two layers of plywood! To quote Mr., (excuse the language) “Are you shitting me?!?!” flooring-6This was discovered last week when we pulled the carpet up to prep for laying new floor this past weekend. AND…they used the thin set to slope this floor down to the subfloor in the hallway. They didn’t even pull the old carpet tack strips up…just spread that thin set right over the top of it!flooring-4And it was thick! We spent several hours breaking it up and scraping it off the hallway subfloor.flooring-1


flooring-8We finished the prep just in time, as the flooring company called Friday afternoon to notify us that our floor was in! Mr. and I hooked up my glammed trailer and picked up 60 boxes of flooring and padding. We really get the looks when we drop the door to the trailer and the pink and white pops out!! 🙂


flooring-3If you followed us during our makeover on our last house, you know that Mr. and I installed wood flooring in a closet and laid ceramic tile in the kitchen. We also installed new carpet in the master closet right before we put the house on the market. But for some odd reason, Mr. and I had a lot of issues with this flooring. Let’s just say, I watched MANY online videos! But that’s a whole other post in itself! 🙂

The important thing is we finally figured it out and was able to get the flooring installed in the guest bedroom on Sunday! Yay!flooring-9

We still have two more bedrooms, the hallway, the kitchen/dining area, and, of course, that bathroom to do! But I’m super pumped with how bright our dingy little spare bedroom is now!! And I get to check off a couple of things of this room’s to-do list!

  • paint walls/ceiling 
  • paint baseboards/trim work
  • replace blinds with white rollup shades
  • replace ceiling fan/lights
  • replace two recessed lights with updated LED recessed lighting 
  • replace bedroom door
  • replace flooring 

I’m hoping that once we get new baseboards installed and bedding back on the naked bed, my enthusiasm for this project will return! Because the floor really does look awesome! 🙂

Y’all have a great day!

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