A Pelican and a Coastal Landscape Border

How Mr. and I ended up with a new pelican mailbox was entirely unintentional. We stopped by a palapas business that sold metal, pink flamingos to get one for a friend of ours, and thirty minutes later we drove away with a flamingo, four poles for our landscaping project and a custom mailbox on order!  Four weeks later and….


Isn’t it the most awesome mailbox you’ve ever seen?!?! The bottom poles still need to be sealed, if it would ever quit raining, but we love it!!

We had been thinking about doing some sort of coastal/nautical landscaping border/decor in our flowerbeds and this sealed the deal on what we wanted to do. So we got down to business and did a makeover on the street side flowerbed.

The first thing we did was clean out all the overgrowth and lay a brick edging.

front flowerbed
overgrown trumpet vine
bricks used in edging
Much better!

We decided what length we wanted our poles, cut them to length, and zip tied them together until we got them in the holes Mr. had dug.


Once we had the poles in place, we began to add the rope.


A few hundred staples later, and we were done! At least with this flowerbed!


Y’all have a great day!

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