Daytrippin’: Lake Charles, Louisiana

I love road trips! Love everything about them…the scenery (and sometimes lack of ), the quirky, fun shops you come across, the windshield time I get to spend with Mr., and the food! And when a long vacation or a weekend trip somewhere is no where in the plans, a day trip makes me happy!

Lake Charles daytrip 6
Heading East on I-10

We recently hit the road and took off to Lake Charles, Louisiana. I texted Mr. at work and told him that I thought we needed to have some boudin balls for lunch at Steamboat Bill’s. He totally agreed; so come Saturday morning, we were off! If it rings a bell, I wrote about Steamboat Bill’s in a post last year as we made our way to Orange Beach. As you can see (if you read the other post), not much has changed.

Lake Charles daytrip 2
Good food!
Lake Charles daytrip 5
Boudin Balls…they are a must if you stop!!

After lunch, we stopped at the Visitor Center across the highway and found this little sign for our dock.

alligator sign

We just know it will be a hit among our neighbors who think the local alligators are a nuisance, a threat to all mankind, and think the monsters should be relocated! Mr. and I are cool with the alligators. I stay out of the water and they stay in! 😊

We were given info on the two newest casinos in Lake Charles and where to get some good cracklins on our way out of town. We spent a couple of hours at the L’Auberge and Golden Nugget and walked away $5 richer! Woohoo!

Lake Charles daytrip 1        Lake Charles daytrip 3

On our way home, we stopped at the recommended spot for cracklins, Sausage Link Specialty Meats which is right next door and part of LeBleu’s Landing restaurant. The cracklins had a really good flavor but had either been sitting too long or had been fried too long as the skin was hard and almost on the verge of unedible. 😕

Lake Charles daytrip 8        Lake Charles daytrip 7

So we are still on the hunt for some good cracklins! If you know of a place that has really good cracklins, be sure and let us know!!

Have y’all been on any fun daytrips lately? I’m already planning our next one, so stayed tuned!

Y’all have a great day!

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