Let’s Go Cruising!

If you were to ask me where I would want to go on a cruise, I would of course say the Caribbean! Everyone that knows me, pretty much knows that I’m a hot weather gal. Love the beach, water, sun, heat, and anything and everything that goes along with wearing flip flops 99% of the time! So how did we end up just returning from an Alaskan cruise? Mr. and I were out-voted! My mom and our daughter had never been on a cruise so when we said we were taking them and our daughter’s roommate on a cruise, they chose Alaska. So off to Alaska and the great white north we went!

So to stay warm, I did a lot of research on what to pack and everyone kept saying layers of clothing. But that also depends on the weather while you are on your cruise. While talking to folks that lived in the towns where we stopped, we found out that we were extremely lucky with the weather. In Skagway, Alaska, the day we were there was the first day they had seen sunshine in 15 days. 15 DAYS!! I don’t like it when it rains at home for more than one day and the sun isn’t shining. So layers of clothing is what I took. The best things I bought for the cruise were pullovers and a fleece jacket from Columbia Sportswear. I layered those with a t-shirt underneath.The weather was so pretty at all the stops that I was able to wear shorts with a couple of thin layers of shirts and my fleece jacket.

On the Tracy Arm Fjord was another story. IT’S COLD PEOPLE!

Cruising the Tracy Arm Fjord  – Mr., me, our daughter, and my moma!

Kudos to those who can look good and rock a fashion statement while in the glaciers! We were just happy to be warm. 🙂 Moma had to buy a heavier coat, we both had to buy ear wraps, and I bought a really cute leopard print scarf (which coincidentally will go with my leopard print shoes)! We were not prepared for the cold, to say the least!!

We were told that the scenery is awesome, and we weren’t disappointed! And we were lucky enough to see lots of whales. A good friend of ours who also went with us said the last time she went to Alaska they only saw one whale. Mr. was able to get some really great shots. I’ll share of few of the 900+ pictures he took! Add that to the almost 200 that I took, and we have a bajillion pictures to sort thru!

Whale 2Whale 1Whale 4Whale 3

Taking pictures
The water was so pretty while in Tracy Arm Fjord!

Click on picture below for video.

Our first port was Skagway, Alaska. It’s a charming, little town known for it’s gold rush history.


Skagway 2

Juneau was our second stop. Mr., moma, and I took the tram up Mt. Roberts. The view was so cool! Mr. and I met up with our daughter and her roomie for lunch and had the best halibut from Papa Rod’s Halibut & Chips food trailer. Who knew that a food trailer would serve such yummy food?!

Juneau 2fish and chips

We stopped next in Ketchikan. We weren’t impressed with this stop as we were with the first two. The locals weren’t very friendly and would honk at people in the street, even when pedestrians had the right-of-way.


After leaving Ketchikan, we had a sea day that was a dreary, foggy, cold, and rainy day. At times, you couldn’t see much of the water and the ship horns were blown a lot!

Click on picture below for video.

Our last stop was Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It was a short stop, as we didn’t arrive until 7:30 pm and left out at 12:30 am. So we had about an hour of daylight left when we got there and we were limited on time. Moma and our friend, Frances, went on an excursion tour of the city. The rest of us grabbed a taxi and luckily ended up with a great driver, Bob. Since we really didn’t know what we wanted to do, he took us on a quick tour of the city, which included the world’s tallest totem pole, Craigdarroch Castle, the Government House (which is where Queen Elizabeth and her family stay when in Victoria), up to Lookout Point on Mount Douglas, and then to Chinatown where he recommended a restaurant to eat at.

totem pole
World’s Tallest Totem Pole – 127 feet 7 inches
Craigdarroch Castle
Government house
Government House – gorgeous grounds
Lookout Point
Top of Mt. Douglas
Canada chinatown
Chinatown in Victoria, BC

Bob picked us up after dinner, drove us by the Parliament that was all lit up and dropped us off back at the ship. We talked about how we wish we could have skipped Ketchikan and spent more time in Victoria. Mr. and I definitely want to go back to Seattle for vacation and take the ferry to Victoria and spend a couple of days.



It was a great trip and totally worth the cooler weather! And it’s two more places I get to mark off my bucket list.

I’ll leave you with one of the sunsets we were able to enjoy.

Click on picture below for video.

Y’all have a great day!

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