We Moved…

…moved cities and blogs!! I felt, with the move to our new place, that a move to a new blog was also in order. So let me welcome you to Saltwater &  Sawdust!! For those of you who have followed me from With Diet Coke in Hand, THANK YOU for being such great supporters! To all new readers/followers, WELCOME!! Saltwater & Sawdust will follow Mr. and I as we update our new digs on the water. But you will also get a glimpse into our everyday lives which includes our daughter, her roommate, g’ma (my moma), and my sweet female kitty named Hank!

Now on to the reason behind the name of this blog.Canal view

Mr. and I bought a house on stilts on saltwater! It sits on a canal just off the Galveston Bay in Bayou Vista, TX. And we are ecstatic!! Of course, it needs to be updated. For some reason here lately, we just can’t seem to buy a house that is move in ready. Maybe it’s because you can get such a better deal for fixer-uppers. Or maybe it’s because I have fallen in love with redoing houses!

We have been in the house 44 days and we still have approximately that many boxes left to unpack!! Maybe not quite that many, but I do have several boxes that I haven’t even cut the tape on AND we have two 10×20 storage units that are full of stuff! Downsizing from 2700 to 1752 has been quite the challenge. Therefore, we are going to have an AWESOME garage sale very soon! 🙂

Let me take you on a quick tour of the house. I have to apologize for the pictures. I took these on moving day with my phone as my camera was packed, and I don’t take good pictures at all with my phone! I had to hurry through the house and snap them before the movers arrived with all that stuff that I don’t know what to do with!

Cozy little living room

Living room

Dining area

Dining area



Hallway leading upstairs


Guest Bathroom

Guest bath

Master Bedroom

Master bedroom

Master Bath

Master bath

Master shower

Master Shower 2

Master bath built-ins

Bedroom #2

Bedroom #2

Bedroom #3

Bedroom #3

The house also has another room, bathroom, and one car garage on the ground level. That “other” room houses all my craft and furniture refinishing supplies. Plus all those other boxes that have yet to be unpacked and items that I have no idea where to put!!

Be sure and check back, as we have started our first major update and I’ll share what we have finished so far in a few days.

Y’all have a great day!

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