New Adventure!



And that’s what I did and is the reason I haven’t posted here for almost two months!

On a wing and a prayer, I jumped feet first into starting a business refinishing furniture, Pink Bungalow Design! And then I immediately signed myself up for a local craft show seven weeks out to market PBD! The only thing was, I only had a couple of pieces finished! Therefore I have been busy sanding, priming, and painting everything I can get my hands on! Plus I took a week in the midst of all this craziness and traveled to Atlanta with Mr. and my mom! Another state to check off that bucket list!!

And since I needed something to haul my goods around in, Mr. bought me the perfect gifts for my birthday last month…a jigsaw and a cargo trailer! 🙂

Cargo trailer

   Now you know that I couldn’t let the inside of my new trailer stay this boring…Cargo trailer

…I had to make it completely glam! So much better!! Don’t ya think? 🙂

Cargo trailer

So now you know where I’ve been and why the house makeovers have been put on hold until after the show. But be sure and check back in early November for upcoming house makeovers, as some exciting news is on the horizon,. And be sure and check us out over at Pink Bungalow Design!

Y’all have a great day!