And More Coupons, Groupons, and Savings

Hey everyone! The daughter is back with tips on how to save money when eating out. Be sure and read her other savings tips HERE and HERE.


Advertisements & Restaurant Offers

While we don’t pay attention to very many advertisements or sales in the weekly that comes in the mail, I do flip through to watch for coupons to restaurants that we frequent. I love Genghis Grill and eat there at least once a month if possible. Luckily, they occasionally include mail-outs in the weekly that include the same three coupons every time, two of which fit our eating habits and save us a few bucks every time we go in. We rarely eat there without a coupon now and let the expiration dates of the coupons determine when we do and don’t eat there. Subway and McDonalds also have coupons in our weekly that add up to huge savings: McDonalds will have a free drink with the order of a quarter-pounder and Subway—I love this—sends out a page of six coupons, all of which are buy one 6-inch and get one 6-inch for free. How amazing is that?! That means that, if we drink pop from our fridge and eat chips in our pantry instead of buying them with the meals, my roommate and I can get two 6-inch subs for around $4-5 for our entire meal. While we have to be careful and only use them occasionally, like once a week, so that we don’t end up spending more money than we would have without the coupons, we have adjusted our fast food habits to follow coupons.

While we’re on the topic of eating out, watch your receipts for opportunities to complete an online survey of your experience to receive a discount on your next purchase. McDonalds often offers these at the bottom of their receipts where you fill in a code given to you at the end of the survey. Take the receipt and code with you on your next visit and you can get a free breakfast sandwich or even a free quarter-pounder. Fancier restaurants, such as Olive Garden, offer you a chance to win $1000 instead, which isn’t quite as instantaneously gratifying; however, we found that, after completing a survey due to a very isolated bad experience at their restaurant, we had been enrolled in their email system. A week later we received a coupon for 15% off a to-go order. Discounted Olive Garden at home while surfing Netflix? Yes, please.

If you are on social media, like the pages for your favorite restaurants. Recently my roommate was excited to see that it was Australia Day (celebrating her favorite continent), and, when she got on Facebook, she saw where Outback had posted a Facebook-only, one-day coupon celebrating the holiday. We took it in and got our choice of a free appetizer or dessert. After eating our free appetizer, we ordered smaller steaks because we had already eaten so much along with their free bread and left the restaurant with leftovers and a great meal that had totaled around $25. Don’t forget to ask for a little extra of the freebies at restaurants when you take home your leftovers. Outback occasionally will give you bread to take home, and Olive Garden has always let us take extra breadsticks and salad home with our doggie bags.

If you get desperate to really save, feel free to steal our eating motto: Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers! You should wave your fork in the air while shouting it to get the full effect.


My favorite restaurant coupon is Chick-fil-a. On several occasions, I have received a receipt that asks the customer to take a quick online survey. In return, you can get a free Chick-fil-a sandwich! Yum!

Y’all have a great day! Later gators!