Organizing Small Spaces: Kitchen

My daughter and her roommate live in an apartment with a fairly small kitchen. She’s had apartments before with bigger kitchens and one with a very small kitchen. But no matter how big the kitchen is, I think it’s the amount of storage that matters. Today’s post is the last in my daughter’s series of  “Organizing Small Spaces” and she is talking about a couple of ways they maximize the space in their kitchen. If you missed her any of her other posts in this series, be sure and catch up HERE, HERE, and HERE.


Kitchen: Maximizing kitchen space is difficult because often times you are stuck with what you have and integrating baskets or helpful organizational items is difficult. One of our tips is to keep dishes clean as much as possible. We make use of leftovers as often as we can, especially when it comes to taking lunch to work, so we go through a lot of Tupperware and to-go containers. We used to think that we didn’t have enough to keep up with our storage needs before we realized how many were sitting in the fridge with uneaten leftovers for a week or two longer than they should have. We found that, if we were honest with ourselves about what we would eat and cleaned out the fridge often, we had plenty of containers. And let’s be honest here—drying the containers is our absolute least favorite thing to do. It takes up so much time! So the fewer Tupperware containers we have to dry, the better!

What’s the catch, then? You have to keep up with your dishes and clean them out often. In the same way that doing dishes often allows you to live with four plates instead of eight or with six forks instead of twelve, doing dishes often allows you to save space by using only a handful of to-go containers instead of taking up an entire cabinet space with a 40-piece set you saw on sale at Target. The same is true of all of your kitchen utensils. It might be annoying at first to do dishes more often or run the dishwasher every other night instead of once a week, but it saves space and time when you get down to it.


Just recently, I sorted through all my plastic containers and threw out any that didn’t have matching lids or bottoms. I was surprised at the amount that didn’t have mates and were just taking up space! Although I do have to confess…I bought some new Sterlite plastic containers a couple of weeks ago. They are freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe, as well as BPA-free. They have easy snap-on lids with vents and each lid/bottom is color coded! That way you know exactly which lid goes to which bottom.

Sterlite containers

I hope she has given you some helpful tips these last several weeks. If you missed any of her past organizing posts, you can read them here, here, and here.

Y’all have a great day! Later gators!

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