My “New” Crafting Side Table

When we were living in Oklahoma, my mom, Mr. and I would go to an awesome auction held every Monday night in Skiatook. It was about 30 miles north of where we lived, but worth the drive!


The building roughly sat 300 people and it was packed every week. There was not a thing fancy about this place, as the auction bidder paddles were made from a white paper plate with a number written on it with a black sharpie! And my favorite part…the snack bar! (every auction house needs to have a good snack bar)

On one trip, I was the top bidder and got to take this little, two-drawer side table home with me. I had no idea what I was going to do with it!


It was in good shape and just needed to be freshened up with some paint, knobs, and legs, as it was only 22 1/2 inches tall. I bought the legs at Lowe’s and painted them black. (it’s so nice to have somewhere to paint again!)


Mr. added four L brackets and screwed the legs to the brackets.



I added knobs from Hobby Lobby and stenciled the top.



And here it is sitting beside my craft table waiting to be filled with supplies!


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