Craft Room: Painted!

Happy Monday, everyone! The move is over and with few injuries! In the past, Mr. has stapled through his finger with a staple gun, drilled a drill bit into his thigh….you get the picture. Injuries this weekend only included a bump on the head and a knife cut on a finger which probably should have had a stitch or two! However, it was a productive weekend.

We couldn’t wait to get started on the house, so yesterday we jumped in! I had thought we would start downstairs and work our way up. But Mr. had a better idea; we should get my craft room put back together and useable. Therefore, we cleared out all the stuff and painted two walls. We painted them the same color that we used in the kitchen. So bright and cheery. I love it!



As you can see, we have already moved some of the furniture back in, including the ugly treadmill in the corner window! But it does look out over the pool, which is a good motivator to use it. 🙂


I need to find some type of window treatments to put back up, as we took the old blinds down to paint and Mr. took them straight to the trash! I’m thinking maybe simple Roman Shades instead of blinds and long curtains from IKEA that I can paint a pattern on.

I’ll be spending the next few days working on bringing all my supplies back into this room and making it functional, as well as pretty! I think there’s a trip to Home Goods in there somewhere, don’t you?

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