Happy Halloween!

Wow…can you believe that it’s already Halloween? Where did October go? As you know, a couple of weeks ago Mr. and I spent a week in San Francisco. Wonderful time! Two days later, I left for Oklahoma to spend a few days with my mom and then met up with Mr. in Tulsa at the end of the week. We got back late last Friday night and I just haven’t been motivated to do anything all week. The most accomplished thing I’ve done this week is help Mr. get a frog out of the pool Monday morning at 6:30 am! There we were in the dark, me in my pajamas with a flashlight and Mr. dressed to go to work with the net, chasing this stupid frog around the pool. They can get in but they can’t get out. And then they drown!

I didn’t do much decorating for Halloween, as I never did get my Halloween decorations down from the rafters in the garage. I did make two Halloween wreaths though. This one here that I made for myself and this one I made for my daughter.


I also found these two characters in a box this week when I was digging through a cabinet in my craft room. I painted them a few years back and had forgot all about them.


Not much in the decorating department this go round. BUT my favorite decorating holiday is just around the corner and I plan to do it up right this year! AND it’s only eight weeks away! Pretty scary, huh?

Y’all have a happy and safe Halloween!!

“San Francisco, Baby!”

That is what Mr. said to me all last week before we left! 🙂

We arrived in San Francisco Saturday night and are having a great time. Getting here on the other hand was quite the experience. When we got to the airport on Saturday, it was rainy but nothing major. By the time we were loading, a storm had moved in and it was raining pretty good. We also were having a really pretty lightening show. Once we were loaded, the pilot announced that there would be a short delay taking off. As we were sitting there, a passenger across from us asked the flight attendant if it was normal practice for the crew to leave all the luggage sitting in the rain. His response was that due to the lightening, they had closed the ramps to the plane and the crew had taken shelter back inside the airport. Therefore, everyone’s luggage was getting soaked!! (all the photos in this post are from my phone, so let me apologize that they are not great quality. But I only brought my Ipad and can’t upload from my camera)


What you can’t see very well in the above picture is the luggage trailers sitting in the rain, loaded with luggage, getting wet.

Now, that wasn’t the only issue with this trip. Oh no. Mr. and I sat there, in the plane, on the runway, in the rain, for over two hours. Here we are at about 1 hour 45 minutes into the wait….


The children on the plane were beginning to get a little restless! As well as the real children under the age of five! 🙂  Two hours and 10 minutes after our original takeoff time, we took off!!

We arrived in San Francisco, got into our rental car and we were off! But wait….we didn’t go straight to the hotel. Oh no. I forgot to enter Center at the end of the street address of our hotel into the GPS and we ended up on a street with the same name in Oakland!! When we pulled up to the address, Mr. looked at me and politely said, “I don’t think this is our hotel.” No, it wasn’t. It was an abandoned, industrial area. And not a good area to be in at all. After dark…alone…and lost.  I quickly punched the address in the GPS and off we go. Again. We got to see the Bay Bridge (or whatever the name of it is) twice though. Very pretty all lit up! (I tried to take pictures while we were going across it, but they are all blurry)


Once in our hotel room, we began to unpack our rain-soaked luggage. Everything (except my shoes, which I packed in plastic shoe tubs) was wet. We had to hang up and lay everything out to dry. It looked like our suitcases had exploded! 


We had clothes on the bed, jeans over the backs of chairs, and my unmentionables (you could actually wring water from them) hung over the dresser drawers and TV! I will spare you from the picture of that! 🙂 It looked sort of like a Victoria’s Secret store.

We spent Sunday at Pier 39 with our good friend, Leanna, who lives about 1 1/2 hours from SF. We shopped, ate a hot dog from a street vendor, seafood at Bubba Gump’s, watched the sea lions, and walked to Ghirardelli Square. I have never seen so much chocolate in one spot and the smell was heavenly! One word…Awesome!


Poor Mr. is allergic to chocolate and can’t enjoy it. But that didn’t stop Leanna and I from buying some!

On Monday, I was on my own as Mr. is stuck in a conference until noon on Thursday. I walked the 1.8 miles back to the Pier and did some more shopping. I am one happy camper if I can do some shopping along the water! I sat on a bench by the water and ate another hot dog! (for some reason, these plain meat and bread hot dogs taste really good) 🙂

Mr. and I had plans to go out with some others from the conference last night for dinner, but he ended up taking me to an Urgent Care Clinic. (if ever in SF, the Golden Gate Urgent Care is the place to go) I kept thinking I was just tired from the trip, but ended up having an infection and needed some antibiotics. I’m much better today and taking it easy.

I had a wonderful sandwich and chocolate chip cookie for lunch today at The Posh Bagel and a walk through a courtyard full of flowers and shops close to the hotel.

I still have a list of things to do before we leave on Friday. So I gave myself a little time to rest today and hopefully will be back on the street tomorrow!

Hope y’all are having a great week too!

Do We Need Both Phones?

Okay, I must be losing it! The other day I thought I had left my glasses at our daughter’s apartment, just to realize that they were on top of my head. Then twice today, TWICE, I  went in search of my cell phone, just to realize after several minutes trying to think where I last saw it, it dawned on me that my phone was in my hand! Both times! 😉 One of those times I was actually typing a message to someone and thinking at the same time that I needed to find my phone before I headed upstairs in case it rang. We have a land line with phones downstairs and upstairs, but we haven’t given that number out to anyone since we moved to Texas. So everyone calls me on my cell phone. I’m not sure why we even have a land line. Maybe because we have always had one in the past and I’m a creature of habit? Who knows!!

I’m curious, do you have a land line AND cell phone or just one or the other? And do you search for your phone while holding it in your hand?! No, just me?

Y’all have a great weekend!

“Before I Die Bucket List”

My daughter has been telling me for a while now that I should have a bucket list of things I want to do before I die. She has a “Before 30” bucket list. She only has three years to complete it! I’m going to call mine “Before I Die Bucket List”! That way I won’t be disappointed if I don’t complete the list, because I won’t care….I’ll be dead! (that sounds a little morbid, doesn’t it?)

As of right now, I only have one thing on my list:

  1. Visit every state in the United States with Mr. *see where we’ve been at bottom

I know, not super exciting and a tad bit geeky. In fact, when I told my daughter she was like, “meh”. But I love road trips and I think it would be a blast for us to do together! He has been to states I haven’t been to and vice-versa. Mr. was thinking the next state we should go to is Hawaii!! 🙂  Gotta love that man!

And on that geeky side, I want to get a map of the United States and map pins and mark off everywhere we go! Maybe even frame it and hang it in Mr.’s office. I’m kind of dorky like that!

So, I’m officially starting my bucket list today, even if it only has one item on the list! And our first stop is San Francisco. (sadly it’s not Hawaii, but that’s okay) 🙂


Mr. has a conference…I’m tagging along…and I’m super excited! If y’all have any suggestions on what we should absolutely see and do, please share.

Do y’all have a bucket list? And if so, what exciting or geeky things are on it?


Here is where we’ve been together so far! 

  • Alabama     
  • Alaska       
  • Arkansas
  • Belize*
  • California
  • Canada*
  • Cayman Islands
  • Georgia
  • Illinois              
  • Indiana
  • Jamaica*
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Mexico*
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nevada  
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • Roatan, Honduras*
  • Texas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              *outside of the U.S.                                                                                                                               

My “New” Crafting Side Table

When we were living in Oklahoma, my mom, Mr. and I would go to an awesome auction held every Monday night in Skiatook. It was about 30 miles north of where we lived, but worth the drive!



The building roughly sat 300 people and it was packed every week. There was not a thing fancy about this place, as the auction bidder paddles were made from a white paper plate with a number written on it with a black sharpie! And my favorite part…the snack bar! (every auction house needs to have a good snack bar)

On one trip, I was the top bidder and got to take this little, two-drawer side table home with me. I had no idea what I was going to do with it!


It was in good shape and just needed to be freshened up with some paint, knobs, and legs, as it was only 22 1/2 inches tall. I bought the legs at Lowe’s and painted them black. (it’s so nice to have somewhere to paint again!)


Mr. added four L brackets and screwed the legs to the brackets.



I added knobs from Hobby Lobby and stenciled the top.



And here it is sitting beside my craft table waiting to be filled with supplies!


Taco Sliders

I like tacos, but I love taco burgers! And I think Taco Mayo (a little fast food restaurant mainly in Oklahoma) has the best taco burgers. They are small in size and a little greasy, but mmm-good! But the closest Taco Mayo is 221 miles from me! So I do the next best thing and make my own, which is what I did last night! But this time instead of using hamburger buns, I used King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls and made taco sliders! 🙂 It gave them a slight sweet taste.

Taco Sliders

taco sliders

1 pkg. King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

1 lb. ground hamburger meat

1 pkg. McCormick Taco seasoning

1 can Rotel


Cheddar Cheese

Brown hamburger meat. While meat is cooking, grate cheese.

Once meat is cooked, add Rotel and taco seasoning. Stir in 1/4 – 1/2 can of water (I use the Rotel can) .

Let simmer 5-10 minutes.

Slice rolls in half and spoon taco mixture over bottom half. Sprinkle cheese over meat and top with other half of roll.

taco sliders 2

I add a spoonful of sour cream to each of mine! Served with fresh guacamole and tortilla chips!


Craft Room: Painted!

Happy Monday, everyone! The move is over and with few injuries! In the past, Mr. has stapled through his finger with a staple gun, drilled a drill bit into his thigh….you get the picture. Injuries this weekend only included a bump on the head and a knife cut on a finger which probably should have had a stitch or two! However, it was a productive weekend.

We couldn’t wait to get started on the house, so yesterday we jumped in! I had thought we would start downstairs and work our way up. But Mr. had a better idea; we should get my craft room put back together and useable. Therefore, we cleared out all the stuff and painted two walls. We painted them the same color that we used in the kitchen. So bright and cheery. I love it!



As you can see, we have already moved some of the furniture back in, including the ugly treadmill in the corner window! But it does look out over the pool, which is a good motivator to use it. 🙂


I need to find some type of window treatments to put back up, as we took the old blinds down to paint and Mr. took them straight to the trash! I’m thinking maybe simple Roman Shades instead of blinds and long curtains from IKEA that I can paint a pattern on.

I’ll be spending the next few days working on bringing all my supplies back into this room and making it functional, as well as pretty! I think there’s a trip to Home Goods in there somewhere, don’t you?

The To-Do List!

Today is moving day! So you know what Mr. and I will be doing. While packing up the last bit of things last night, I started thinking about all the projects I want to do on the house. So far we’ve done some changes in the guest bathroom and kitchen. We still need new countertops, backsplash, crown molding and floors in the kitchen; and a new sink (most definitely) and maybe floors in the guest bathroom. The other rooms downstairs are the living room, dining room, entry way, laundry room, and the master bedroom/bath. I’ll update this post with links as we do these projects.

We don’t have a lot to do in the dining and living rooms. (mostly just paint) The wood floors in these two areas are new, so that’s something we don’t have to worry about. Yay!

Let me apologize right now. This post is long. But I hope you’ll hang in there with me and let me know if you have any advice for us. We’re just a couple of DIY dorksters and it’s all hit and miss with us!! So with that said, here’s a list of what I would like to do: (I’m posting pictures from when the house was on the market when we bought it. That way you can see what we are working with.)

Kitchen / Breakfast Area

I jumped on this room first! See the changes we’ve already done here and here.

  • paint walls
  • paint cabinets and install new hardware
  • paint trim and baseboards
  • install new backsplash
  • install new flooring
  • replace countertops
  • new lighting in kitchen
  • new fan/light in breakfast area

Houston House (9)

Houston House (11)

Dining Room / Entry Way

  • paint under the chair rail (I’m thinking maybe a yellow of some sort)
  • new chandelier (spray painting it – maybe white?)
  • paint the inside of the front door and side panels (only if I can get up the nerve!)
  • change out the entry light (will have to hire this one out, as it hangs from the second floor ceiling)
  • install some type of window treatment above front door

Houston House (6)

Houston House (7)

Houston House (4)

Living Room

  • paint an accent wall or two (thinking about bringing the color from the dining room onto these walls)
  • change out the ceiling fan (haven’t decided if we will replace with another fan or a light/chandelier)

Houston House (8)

Guest Bathroom

As you can see, the walls had to be covered up quickly! Check out what we’ve already completed here.

  • paint walls
  • paint vanity
  • replace countertop
  • replace flooring


Master Bedroom/Bath

These will be the last rooms we do, as they were updated with carpet, tile and paint before the house went on the market. Although we will probably sneak a new ceiling fan/light in there before we’re through with downstairs!

  • paint (thinking a pretty coastal blue)
  • replace flooring (we’re not fans of carpet)
  • change fan/light

Houston House (12)

Houston House (15)

Laundry Room -The realtor didn’t take pictures of the laundry room. So you get to see it in all it’s glorious messiness!

  • paint walls
  • remove old and install new cabinets above w/d
  • remove metal shelving
  • install bar for hanging clothes
  • install floor to ceiling cabinet
  • replace light



Now moving upstairs… This is where all the fun starts again!! There are two bedrooms, game/craft room, bathroom, and Mr.’s office.

Spare bedrooms #1 & #2

  • paint walls (white – I’m going to pull my colors in with accessories and furniture)
  • change ceiling fan/lights
  • paint desk in bedroom #2
  • change hardware on desk


Houston House (19)


This bedroom is tiny and has a tiny desk tucked in the corner. Can’t find a pic and it is covered up with boxes right now. 🙂

Houston House (20)

Game/Craft room

  • paint an accent wall/walls (the wall on the right that isn’t shown extends out over the entry way and I won’t be able to paint it myself)
  • organize…organize…organize

Houston House (16)

Bathroom – This room is just yuck!

  • paint walls (depending on what time of the day it is, these walls either look blue or lavender. Seriously! Not sure what color I want to go with.)
  • replace tiles in tub area and walls (I would like white bead board on the walls, not sure what we’ll put around the tub yet)
  • replace faucet/showerhead in tub
  • replace flooring
  • install new countertop and sinks (sea shell sinks again! Two of them!!!)
  • replace faucets
  • replace or frame mirror
  • paint cabinet (will keep to save money)
  • change out lights
  • replace hardware
  • take door off linen closet
  • toilet (still trying to get the rust stains out. So not sure yet if it will be replaced.)

Houston House (17)

AND last but not least…. Mr.’s office!

We’ve already been able to cross off two items since we moved in.

  • paint walls
  • remove filthy, paper fan in window
  • replace broken blinds
  • decorate & organize

Houston House (18)

So there you have it! Are you still with me? I hope so, and I hope you will come back and check on the progress as we make it room to room.

Have a great weekend!!

The Chick is Flying the Coop!

Come tomorrow, Mr. and I will be empty nesters again! Our daughter is moving out and I am so excited about getting my craft room back! She and her cats came to live with us at the beginning of the summer to begin a new career and life. She took over two of the bedrooms and my craft room with all of her stuff! She has a lot of stuff! And we got rid of a lot of her stuff when she moved here! I’m going to miss her, but she’ll only be about 30 minutes away! When she was in grad school, she was in Indiana and 10 hours away from us in Oklahoma!

We have most of her stuff packed up and ready for the movers to load up in the morning.

spare bedroom #1


spare bedroom #2



Even Auttie is ready to go !


And this is what my craft room is looking like at this moment. Just waiting for me to come back and straighten it back up!


I have lots of ideas and can’t wait to dive in! Pinterest has supplied me with so much inspiration.

Beautiful & Functional Craft Rooms

via dearemmeline.blogspot.ca


via pbteen.com

organized office in blue, green, white

via theinspiredroom.net

So hopefully, in the very near future, I will have an organized craft room again. But I really will miss her and the cats!!

Mini Breakfast Burritos

I’m not a big fan of breakfast, especially a big, hearty one! Ugh! I would much rather have a Diet Coke and something chocolate! Mr. on the hand, breakfast is his favorite meal. The sad part of this is, I don’t fix him breakfast in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, I love this man dearly, but he leaves for work anywhere from 5:00 am to 6:30 am. (depending on what time he wakes up) And me getting up at this ungawdly hour and cooking him breakfast just isn’t going to happen! No, nope, nada. So I make him the next best thing. Mini breakfast burritos in the freezer he can pop in the microwave on his way out the door.

This is a really easy recipe AND it makes 20 at a time! Here’s what you need to make bacon/sausage, egg and cheese burritos:


20 Flour Tortillas, taco size

7 Eggs

Cheddar Cheese

10 Strips Bacon (I use the fully-cooked microwave kind. Easy and no greasy mess!)

Jimmy Dean fully-cooked sausage (again I use the microwave kind)

Milk – if you use milk in your scrambled eggs

Salt and Pepper to taste – optional

Aluminum foil – Plastic wrap – Freezer bags

Add milk to eggs and whisk until well-beaten. Add salt and pepper.

Scramble eggs over medium heat and set aside. (once the eggs are cooked, I chop them up in small, bite-size pieces.)

securedownload            securedownload2

Chop bacon into small pieces and grate the cheese.


Once everything is ready to assemble, I stack the foil, plastic wrap and tortillas for quicker assembly. Foil on bottom, plastic wrap next, and then one tortilla on top. Repeat.


I stack them five high.


All the burritos have egg and cheese in them, just the meat is different. Some of them are bacon only, some are sausage only, and some are bacon and sausage.

Time to assemble!


Add approx. 2 Tablespoon of eggs, 1 Tablespoon of meat, and sprinkle cheese over top. (it totally depends on you regarding how much of each to add. Just remember not to add too much or the burrito won’t roll up!)


Fold in sides, fold in half over the top and tuck under mixture and roll! I am by no means an expert at rolling these things! Some roll up easy and others have the ingredients spilling out everywhere!

Wrap with the plastic wrap and then the aluminum foil.


Label each freezer bag accordingly, place burritos inside and freeze.


When you are ready to eat, remove foil and plastic wrap, wrap burrito in a paper towel and microwave for 1 – 1 1/2 minutes, or until hot.