It’s not U..G..L..Y any longer!

We had a good visit with my mom last week. We went shopping for curtains for her living room, but ended up with only a valance for her kitchen window. Spent a day in Galveston, eating lunch and going to a big, tourist, gift shop on the beach…Murdoch’s Gift Shop. I love touristy shops! I’m a sucker for ’em and all the stuff in ’em! I bought the cutest shell mobile for my kitchen.


I was finally able to get my table and chairs finished for the breakfast area. Spray painting and the Houston humidity does not jive well together. Especially in August!! I painted the table inside the house but spray painted the chairs in the garage and then put them outside in the sun to dry. It was overcast and every time it would start sprinkling, Mr. and I would make a mad dash to get them back inside the garage and then back outside to dry in the sun.  This went on for several hours.  But I am sooo happy with the outcome. The color is Glidden Canary Song and I finished it with MinWax Paste Finishing Wax.


I bought the table and three chairs at a junk store in Oklahoma and the bench came from IKEA. I had already started priming the pedestal when I remembered that I needed to take a before picture! I still need to find some fabric and make cushions for the chairs and bench. I’m thinking something colorful and cheery.

Table Before (2)

Phase 1 of the Kitchen makeover is complete. And what a difference paint makes!!  The kitchen was “U..G..L..Y!!!  You ain’t got no alibi. You UGLY!!” (those who watched SNL in the ’90’s will understand my little UGLY cheer) ;0)  The wallpaper was blue with mauve roses & light green leaves, cabinet hardware was gold (which matched the hardware throughout the house), and the diamond, backsplash tiles were dark green!

 Houston House (9)

Houston House (10) Houston House (11)

The upper cabinets were in decent shape, but the bottom ones had mild water damage. (looked like the previous owners would hang wet towels/dishrags over the doors to let dry, so the finish was coming off) The electric cooktop had also seen better days, as all the coils were sprung. Therefore, all the oil would stay on one side of the pan, which meant you had to cook on one side of your frying pan! :0) Of course the new cooktop wouldn’t fit in the old hole. So with a little painters tape and a saw, Mr. cut a bigger hole and installed a new ceramic cooktop.


But the real change came with the paint.  We painted the cabinets in Valspar Enamel white, the walls in Valspar Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue, and the desk in Valspar Nautical. We changed out all the hardware (pulls, hinges and door knobs) to a brush nickel finish.

Kitchen (3) Kitchen (5)

Kitchen (6) Kitchen (7)

Kitchen (8)

I’m still up in the air about what type of countertops I want.  I know I want a light grey color, but can’t make up my mind whether I want grey stone or concrete countertops. But for now, I’m pretty excited about how it looks so far!

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