The House was Just Extra!

Since I last posted (six months ago!), Mr. Husband and I have moved from Tulsa to Houston!  He was offered a promotion with his company, but that meant moving.  Again.  Therefore, we bought a house.  Again.  To be honest though, we bought an absolutely great backyard with a swimming pool.  The house was just extra.  It’s a really nice house, but is in dire need of some updating as it still has wallpaper from the 90’s and seashell-shaped sinks!   SEASHELL-SHAPED SINKS!!  But the backyard….


See?  Now you understand why we bought it, right?  The house on the other hand…



As you can see, there will be lots of redo projects in the near future for Mr. and I.  Just call us a couple of DIY dorks who have no clue what they’re doing.  It’s all hit and miss, learn as we go with us!!

In the meantime, all the second-hand furniture that I had bought and planned to redo (before life changed and we moved again) is stored in the garage, just waiting for a little TLC and a fresh coat of paint.  Although, I do have plans to put one of the tables I bought at an auction in my living room.  So hopefully, we will have the garage cleaned out very soon so I can start painting again.  I did finish one project over the winter that I had started for my mom before we moved.  It was the bottom half of a china hutch.  My daughter took the top half, painted it, and made a bookcase out of it for her office.  I turned the bottom half into a bench/quilt storage.





and After!


I painted the cabinet Valspar La Fonda Spice and spray painted the original hardware a bronzie-brown.  Mr. cut me a piece of lumber to fit the top, I covered it with some padding and material,  and we attached it with a piano hinge.