Patience…wait…more patience…okay, go!

I think I’ve been pretty good at handling this word called patience lately.

I made an appointment with a piano repair man a couple of weeks ago at 10:00.  We’ll call him Bill of Bill Miller Piano Repair.  In Tulsa.  Tulsa, OK.    At 11:30 on Friday, I called Bill Miller Piano and told the lady (Bill’s wife) who answered the phone that Bill never showed up for our appointment.  “Oh, really?”  Now…this is the same lady who couldn’t figure out the calender on the computer to make my appointment in the first place. So why am I surprised by the fact that she is so surprised that Bill hasn’t shown up!?   Long story short, after I tell her, “no, I’m not going to track Bill down on his cell phone“, she has Bill call me.  Bill, Bill Miller of Bill Miller Piano Repair, tells me that he is finishing up with a job and will call me shortly and head my way.  Five….FIVE HOURS after my initial appointment time, he calls to tell me that he is on his way.  I tell him no thank you, I have better things to do than to wait around for Bill of Bill Miller Piano Repair.  Not in those exact words, but pretty darn close!

I love to fly.  It’s quicker and much more fun that driving.  At least it was until this last flying adventure to Indiana to see my daughter.  The trip up was pretty uneventful.  But the flight home was delay after delay.  I arrive at the airport at 11:30, as she has to get back to school for a meeting.  When we get to the airport, we realize that my 2:40 flight has been delayed until 3:10.  “No biggie,” I tell her.  “It’s just 30 more minutes.”  (first mistake)  At approximately 2:00, we are informed that Dallas has high winds and they are delaying all flights in and out of Dallas, due to the shut down of all but two runways.  Now we’ll be leaving at 3:25.  No problem…15 minutes more. (second mistake) Finally at 3:50, we are boarded and are pulling away from the terminal at 4:15.  But wait….Dallas has still not given us the okay, so we’ll sit here on the runway and wait until then.  Pilot says, “shouldn’t be long, maybe 25-30 minutes.”  Now, obviously me and the pilot have completely different meanings of how long length of time is.  If I was sitting at home on my couch reading a magazine, 25-30 minutes wouldn’ be long, but sitting on a cramped airplane between two complete strangers (as I didn’t get my favorite window seat) “shouldn’t be long” is not 25-30 minutes.  Finally, we’re in the air and make it to Dallas.  Woohoo.  Oh but we’re not there yet!  We land and the pilot says we are third in line to make our way to the terminal.  We taxi around the airport for 15 more minutes!  But alas, I finally step foot into DFW.  Thank goodness, I’m half-way home.  My 6:00 flight has been delayed to 7:20, which is good since it is now 6:10!  So I call Mr. and tell him I’ll be in Tulsa at 8:20. (he’s on his way to the airport, due to AA still showing my flight ontime in Tulsa!)   At 6:50 I call him and tell him to stay home until I call him from the plane as we are now delayed until 7:40.  Then it’s 8:15, 8:00…and at 7:45, they come over the intercom and tell us to hurry and board, as the pilot has to be in the air by 8:00 or he will be grounded!!  We left my daughter’s apartment at 9:45 that morning and I got home at 9:30 that night.  I could have driven it quicker!!!!

So here I am this morning waiting on the carpet installers.  They should be here between 8 and 12.  8 and 12!

Oh, and by the way, did I tell you about the piano repair man, Bill?  Bill Miller of Bill Miller Piano Repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Life – With Diet Coke in Hand

Anyone who knows me, knows this is how I get through life.  It’s the first thing I open in the morning and the drink I usually take to bed with me.  I’ve been known to say I’m going to quit drinking it so much, but alas….on most days I’m still at least a six-pack-a-day drinker.

So…here I am…with my very own blog.  My daughter suggested I do it.  I don’t always do what I’m told or suggested to do.  I wouldn’t jump off the cliff just because everyone else did, as I would be too afraid to jump.  I’m happy to just wait for everyone at the bottom!

Very soon, I will be going to Indiana to watch my daughter’s dissertation defense.  She is getting her Ph.D. in Linguistics.  So I will be listening to her say words like semantics, quantifiers, syntax, and many more that she has been saying to me for the last several years…and that I still don’t understand or know the meaning of.  But that’s okay, as I will mostly likely have a diet coke in hand!